Work and Philanthropy of Real Estate Businessman Adam Milstein

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Israeli businessman Adam Milstein is working in the field of real estate investment and is managing partner of a company as well as a co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is working for Hager Pacific Properties, having occupied the position of Managing Partner since the company as conceived.

Natively from Israel, Mr. Milstein had done his mandatory service to his country starting at the age of 19, joining the Israel Defence Forces and participating after that in the Yom Kippur War. Under General Ariel Sharon, Milstein battled on the Egyptian front, and then he was also in the crossing operation of the Suez Canal.

Years later, Mr. Milstein started studying at Technion. The Israel Institute of Technology offered some of the latest programs in the fields of technology. Adam Milstein achieved is Bachelor’s degree in 1978 in the field of Economics. While he was studying, Mr. Adam was also working at his father’s business in construction and development of real estate.

After graduating from the Technion University, Adam Milstein moved together with his wife Gila to the United States of America in 1981. That was a new chapter for the Milstein family. Adam Milstein grew very successful on his work in real estate. He as a sales agent for a few businesses before starting his own company in the industry. While he was working, Milstein also continued his education by achieving a Master’s degree in business Administration from the University of Southern California in 1983.

Later in his career, Adam Milstein started working at his current workplace Hager Pacific Properties. As a Managing Partner, Milstein is responsible for disposition, financing, an accounting. The company works in the industry of real estate.

Other than business, philanthropy is also an integral part of his life. Mr. Milstein co-founded a charity foundation with his wife, Gila. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation started up 18 years ago. It is focused on education and helping youth identify with their Jewish roots and connect with their country of heritage. Adam Milstein was also part of the establishment of the Israeli-American Council.

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