What You Need To Know About Dr. Jennifer Walden, Highly Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon.

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Anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon in the area of Austin Texas is bound to run into the name Dr. Jennifer Walden. If you don’t already know, Dr. Walden, she is Texas born and raised. She is also a board certified female plastic surgeon who is has exclusive and extensive training in the field by her peers.

Dr. Walden was fellowship trained at the world reknowned Manhattean Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital in New York City. As a result of her training and her personal approach to cosmetic needs, saftey, satisfaction and first class precision and technique, she is able to help both men and women with the cosmetic processes that need.

So, you might be wondering what kind of procedures does Dr. Walden specialize in. It is important to say that Dr. Walden can do anything that you might expect from a plastic surgeon who is highly skilled. Some of the areas she works on are the face and neck. With a few simple procedures she is able to make it look as if we could turn back time and make you look years younger. Wrinkles and lines that appear can be corrected, as can sags in the skin and things like damage from the harmful rays of the sun.

Dr. Walden can also do plastic surgery to reduce or in some cases enlarge the breast area of a woman or man. There are times when a man wants to reduce their breast size. Another area that Dr. Walden can make look great is the body areas that collect fat. By removing fat and excess skin and constructing muscle tone, the perfect body contour can be achieved with ease.

Another important part of Dr. Walden’s services can be in the area of hair restoration. Men often suffer from hair loss and women can suffer from this too. Having hair issues can lower self esteem. Hair loss can be corrected with Dr. Walden’s skill and hard work. There are many types of work that can be done and each hair restoration or any process should be talked about with her and her staff at length to see what will fit you best. Follow Walden

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