Troy McQuagge’s Star Shines Brighter as He is Named the Gold Winner Best Executive of the Year by One Planet Awards

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USHealth Advisors has one of the most distinguished corporate CEOs in the medical industry in the USA. Originally from Panama City in the state of Florida, but who is presently a resident of Texas in Coppell town, Troy McQuagge is also an exceptionally skilled entrepreneur. That is why he has been crowned the Gold Winner in the esteemed One Planet Awards. The sought-after international One Planet Awards is the foremost honor program that recognizes professional and business distinction from all organizations, enterprises, and companies from across the world. All public, private, non-profits, startups, for-profits, small and big business meet the eligibility criteria for submitting their nomination proposals and read full article.

An Alumnus of the University of Central Florida, his distinguished career in different sales portfolios spans three decades. He has been a dynamic and prominent personality in insurance sales from 1993 when he started as a sales agent for Allstate Insurance. He furthered his expertise by working for Health Market/UICI in 1995. Due to his competence, he quickly moved up the ladder of management to become the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. By focusing on clients who were below 65 years, Mr. McQuagge managed to expand the sales profits from individual insurance by a wide margin.

USHEALTH Advisors is a captive agency of USHEALTH Group which mainly sells personal insurance policies to a cross-section of individuals from different classes. Troy revamped the sales department by modernizing its operations, and the innovations subsequently led to increased profitability, as a result of which he was elevated to his present position at the top of the company’s management hierarchy. During his stewardship, the company has recorded unparalleled productivity, growth, and success to become a leader in the extremely competitive market for personal insurance plans and Troy of Twitter.

During the presentation of the awards, Mr. McQuagge said he felt especially honored to be given the important and much-coveted award; however, he was frank to admit that the honor belonged to everyone who works for USHEALTH Advisors. The parent company, USHEALTH Group, is headquartered in Texas, Fort Worth.

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