The Story of Securus Technologies CEO-Rick Smith

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Their many factors that contribute to the Success of a company, one of the leading factors is the chief executive officer. This is because many decisions are dependent on the CEOs judgment. The CEO also has to see that the company makes it through the tough times and competition. For this to happen, the CEO must be an intelligent, diligent and committed individual.

The Securus Technologies is fortunate to have such a leader. The results of his leadership are very visible. The Securus building is now customized to fit the company’s needs. The company is also serving a wide range of customers. They provide their high technology to 3400 prominent corporations, 2600 correctional services, and more than a million inmates.

The inmates have been the primary beneficiaries of Securus services. Rick Smith is determined to see that the convicts and their families do not have any difficulty in connecting. Through him, the company has provided the correctional facilities with reliable devices that facilitate communication at reasonable rates. The connectivity during the calls is excellent and authentic. Under the leadership of Securus, Technologies devices have helped solve many mysteries. This has helped close some cases that have been open for years. This is because hackers cannot crack their devices. These achievements have been made possible by the experience and excellent educational skills of Rick Smith.

Rick Smith had worked in many institutions before he landed in Securus Company. The last organization he worked for is the Eschelon-Telkom. Here, he left a great legacy because of his competence in his job. Rick Smith left when the annual revenue of the company was at $350 million. He had joined the company when the company’s revenue was at $30 million. Before Eschelon-Telkom, he had also worked in multiple firms in various departments. This helped create an all-rounded individual. The success of a company is attributed to the hard work of all the offices. Delays of one unit in the company may cost the entire organization.

The other factor that is associated with the success of leadership is his educational background. Smith went to prestigious schools. This means his well-equipped. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Rick Smith went ahead and acquired a master’s degree in Engineering and Mathematics. Rick Smith is also an MBA holder.

These attributes combined is what has led to the differentiation of the products of Securus Technologies. They have received many positive reviews because of their great products. The company is confident that through Rick Smith, Securus Technologies is going to maintain its number one position in high tech provision. Rick Smith is a futurist. He hopes that in the future, every correctional facility is going to have access to Securus Technologies.

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