The Health Benefits of Life Line Screening with Andrew Manganaro

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It is undisputed that early disease detection highly contributes to successful treatment. Often, when a disease is diagnosed earlier, there are higher chances of successful management and final treatment. When the disease is treated early, there are higher chances of preventing as well as delaying health problems associated with the particular illness. Early treatment also makes it easier for the patient to live with the disease. With that said Life Line Screening plays a key role in changing lives through providing advanced technology machines that can be used to detect disease at an early stage. Life Line Screening is a private company that capitalizes on prevention and wellness. It was established in 1993, and it is geographically located in Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening operates community linked screening services to enhance healthy living and learn more about Life Line Screening.



Life Line Screening is headed by Dr. Andrew Manganaro, the chief operating officer. Recently, he was interviewed by Idea Mensch. Andrew was born in New York City. He majored in philosophy and biology. The alumnus of the University of New York Medicine Department landed the chief operating officer through his strong academic credentials. From the New York University Hospital Centre, he shifted to UCLS School of Medicine where he was a research associate for two years. Andrew completed his residency as well as the chief residency in cardiothoracic in addition to vascular surgery at the Rochester University. He then received a board certification from the Department of Thoracic Surgery. Later into his career, Andrew spent approximately 35 years practicing cardiac, vascular as well as thoracic surgery. At the juncture of his retirement, he delved into Life Line Screening. This position is his prominent success story and Lifeline Screening on Facebook.


Life Line Screening

Asked to explain the story behind the establishment of Life Line Screening, Andrew stated that after years of experience as a surgeon in busy facilities, he identified many detrimental health cases of ruptured abdominal aneurysms as well as carotid embolic strokes. To him, these situations would have been prevented had the patients detected the diseases sooner. Through his careful observation and disappointment at how fragile life was at the site of disease, he took advantage of the chance to assist in early disease detection and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

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