Karatau Lyceum in Spring

Karatau Lyceum in Spring - Karatau, Kazakhstan

This is one of the very few pictures of clouds over Kazakhstan.  Kazakhstan gets about 300 plus days of sun each year.  Here is a picture of the Karatau Lyceum before a thunderstorm in Spring, 1998. Continue Reading

My Seattle and Vancouver Wall – Karatau Lyceum

My Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, Wall, Karatau Lyceum - Peace Corps Kazakhstan

This was my wall dedicated to Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.  I also had a picture of San Diego, California, there as well.  Not sure why.  My students loved this wall.  I even managed to convince them that the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek poster was real.  Yeah, they knew I was joking.  You will see a lot of airplanes on the wall as well, I am an airline buff. Continue Reading

My Classroom – Karatau Lyceum

My English Classroom, Karatau Lyceum - Peace Corps Kazakhstan

During my second year in the Peace Corps, I decided to put more effort in designing my classroom.  Most teachers in Karatau already did this with the help of their students.  I had come back from a trip to the US during the summer of 1998 so I was able to bring back a lot of resources.  The front of my room contained my classroom rules. Continue Reading