Swiss Startup Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

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Mike Baur has established himself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in Switzerland. He is currently the co founder of an innovative company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Baur started up this company in 2014 and has quickly built it into one of the top businesses in the nation. His new company specializes in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential by receiving coaching, mentoring and advisory services. Along with founding his own company Mike Baur has spenr years investing in other startup companies. For a number of years, he invested in new companies that were looking to start up and expand. This turned out to be a very profitable activity for him. Mike got his first start in business when he worked in the banking sector.


When Mike first began his career, he worked for banks as an employee. When he was working in the banking industry, Mike would often meet with entrepreneurs and discuss their needs for startup funds and also what type of business they intended to start. Mike would provide them with analysis about their business as well as advice on how to best manage their finances. One of the most notable things that Mike did was provide loans to entrepreneurs so that they could get what they needed in order to begin running their companies. This was the first experience that helped convince Mike to one day start up a business of his own.


After Mike spent a number of years working in the banking industry, he would move on to get more involved with startup businesses. One of these activities was to invest money into new companies. During this process, Mike would spend his own money on new businesses and look to receive a percentage of their profits. For about a decade, Mike would make a considerable amount of money on a consistent basis. Therefore, this was a very lucrative venture for Mike. Once he was able to realize the full potential of profitability among startup companies, he looked to start up his own business that would work closely with new companies that are starting up.


Baur started up Swiss Startup Factory in which he strived to make a company that would assist entrepreneurs. This new company would emphasize consulting and mentoring for many entrepreneurs who are looking to build successful companies. With Swiss Startup Factory, entrepreneurs are able to present their business idea to Mike and upon approval, receive assistance from Mike’s company. Swiss Startup Factory is able to provide assistance in issues such as product development, finance, marketing and management. By getting this assistance, many entrepreneurs will be in position to maximize their chances of making their companies prosper.


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