Securus Technologies: Improving Prisons for Public Safety

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When two leading companies in the corrections market industry merged, namely Evercom and T-Netix, Securus Technologies was born. And with the combined strength of these two companies, Securus continues to provide prisons across North and Latin America the best technologies to improve the penitentiary environment, thus improving public safety outside.


Securus Technologies provide prisons with systems that allow the law enforcement community to listen in on inmate phone calls, enabling them to gather information for a case build up. In one instance, intel gathered through an inmate phone call lead to the arrest of a corrupt penitentiary staff member. In another case, a monitored phone call contained intel about drug selling inside the facility itself, inmate drug and alcohol use, presence of narcotics, contraband mobile devices, death threats, money laundering, information about a civilian who admitted to selling over the counter drugs at a much lower price and an incident where gunshots were fired.


Securus also developed a system called the Wireless Containment Solution. What it does is it prevents contraband mobile devices from connecting to mobile networks, rendering them useless. One of the most popular systems Securus has developed is the LBS system. At one point, it was reported that through the LBS system, authorities were able to recover more than a million of illegal assets, cash, and narcotics. The law enforcers who were responsible for this case said that without a doubt, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible to do it without Securus’ LBS system.


Securus Technologies also specializes in parolee tracking. Serving more than 2,600 penitentiaries in the Americas and more than 1,000,000 prisoners in the country. The company is well known for responsive customer service and state of the art systems. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and has four regional offices located in Allen, Texas, Carrolton, Texas as well as Atlanta, Georgia.


Because the communication quality that Securus Technologies provides is much higher than the standard quality of communication providers, especially because Securus Technologies tries to implement new tech and ways for inmates to connect with their families, like smartphones applications and with guaranteed security and monitorization.



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