Ryan Seacrest: TV Sweetheart For Over Two Decades

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Ryan John Seacrest is the popular TV host who is mostly known for his role in the show American Idol. Apart from that, he has done various other shows including co-hosting of Live with Kelly & Ryan and the radio program American top 40. Ryan Seacrest is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where he was born in 1974. He kicks started his career as a Hollywood superstar when he moved to Los Angeles, California. Here he started a 90s radio show. But his career did not take off until the year 2002 when he was named as the host of American Idol. He soon became a household name in the celebrity world covering events as an anchor for E! Television Network. He even established the Ryan Seacrest Production house in 2008 and then named his longtime agent and friend as CEO.

His rise in the industry was epic, signing a deal with NBC Universal in 2012 to appear in various sows like the Today Show. This meant that he could expand his roles apart from E! He still retains his title as the managing editor of E! Where he is still the producer of its red carpet awards ceremonies. He was chosen to host a popular game show known as The Million Second Quiz in 2013 and finally co-hosted Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2017. His influences include DJs of old such as Casey Kasem, Rick Dees and personalities such as Dick Clark who he emulates in more ways than one. Seacrest has been a great influence playing just behind the scenes of the reality T.V show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Ryan has received several awards for his TV roles. He became an Emmy Award nominee for his role in the subsequent seasons of American Idol. He managed to win an Emmy for producing the food show Food Revolution between 2010-2011.

Apart from his life in the TV limelight and menswear venture, Ryan has a philanthropic side to him. He founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-profit which is aimed at encouraging and empowering the youth through entertainment and education initiatives. The first agenda is to construct media centers within pediatric hospitals to enable patients to connect with their artistic nature. The studios are to be named Seacrest Studios.

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