Refugee And Race Issues Drive George Soros

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The return of Democrat donor George Soros to the political scene came with much media fanfare when he provided around $25 million towards the campaign of Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Over the course of the more than 18 month campaign trail the role played by George Soros grew as he was given major levels of access to Clinton as she and her team formed the policies they hoped would carry the former First Lady and Secretary of State to the White House; following the unexpected victory during the 2016 election of Republican nominee Donald Trump, George Soros has made a quick return to the Democratic party as he looks to assist in returning the party to power as soon as possible.

The life of George Soros can be seen as helping to shape the political beliefs and ideals he lives by and backs for major and state level candidates across the U.S. Soros was born in Hungary and became stranded in the country after the Nazi party occupied the nation and began the Holocaust the Soros family survived; George Soros later embarked on a refugee journey across Europe after Hungary fell under the rule of the communist Soviet nation at the close of World War II. In his philanthropy and political work George Soros has become a major supporter of groups looking to support refugees and bring democracy to various parts of the world.

In his work during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, George Soros made clear his problems with the rhetoric used by Republican’s Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The hedge fund management legend went on to provide major financial backing for Democrat Hillary Clinton who he has known for 25 years and is said to regret not backing fully during the 2008 Presidential cycle. Of the $25 million Soros provided for the Clinton campaign he backed the Priorities USA Super PAC to the tune of $7 million, and provided around $3 million for other Super PAC’s supporting Clinton and Democratic party candidates around the U.S.

Although the Republican victory in the 2016 Presidential election came as a shock after polls hinted at a victory for Hillary Clinton, George Soros has wasted no time in becoming a major part of the future of the Democratic party by agreeing to attend a meeting of the influential Democracy Alliance group. The Washington D.C. based event will see major donors and political figures from the Democrat’s come together over three days to discuss the issues the party faces; initially, Soros had not planned to attend the event many saw as a victory party for Clinton planned before the election took place.

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  1. Kevin Murray

    George Soros was announced as a speaker on the third day of the Democracy Alliance event the morning after the 2016 election took place, and is thought to be interested in exploring where major donors and the party go from here into the future of the U.S. It can be also said that can have so many things to say with regards to this and I know it’s the truth.