Preparing Young People For Business By Helping Them Learn Math With Solvy

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Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur who is Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation and sits on the board of several other organizations. He’s had a passion for encouraging entrepreneurship in his native land, and helping those who want to start their own business succeed.

According to All Business, Alexei Beltyukov was recently appointed to be CEO of Solvy, an app that’s designed to help young people solve math problems in a fun and creative way, and that helps make assigning problems and tracking progress easier for teachers as well. Beltyukov realizes how important scholarships and education are for young people, having had to work very hard to earn his own degree.

Alexei Beltyukov has had two careers in his lifetime. His first career was a physician, a career he had chosen because he wanted to help others, but one that paid very poorly in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse. He knew he needed to make a change if he was going to help his family, and he took his chance when he saw an advertisement in a paper for INSEAD business school.

He started out as a consultant working for a private equity firm in Moscow, but soon decided he was going to start his own businesses.

One of his first business attempts was Mechanicus, an automobile repair shop chain based in Russia but would later spread across Europe. This company was Mechanicus, a company that started out quite well, but when the financial crisis of 2008 hit it had to close down many of its operations.

One challenge he always had to make as a businessman was acquiring capital for his companies, so he started A-Ventures Ltd., a venture capital firm that could help small businesses grow and new entrepreneurs get started in business. He’s become a key figure in advising the Russian economic department.

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