Passion for Profession: Dr. Jennifer Walden’s plastic surgery legacy

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If you have lived in Austin for very long you may have heard the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. Not only is she a well-known Austin native and successful plastic surgeon, she’s also a media commentator and is well published in the field of cosmetic medicine. In addition to these achievements, she’s also a member of the Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Board of Directors and serves on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, plastic surgery is more than just a profession she does for a living, it’s a passion that she wants to see grow and improve its technology develops and enables us to do more.

This passion for improvement is apparent in her work. When possible, she prefers to use the most advanced techniques and Technologies at her practice. She has been a Pioneer for Vectra, a 3D imaging technology that helps clients visualize and become comfortable with what they will look like after surgery. In many cases, clients can become very unsatisfied with the results they fantasize in their head. When using the software there is no chance for error; what you see is what you get and it’s much easier to become comfortable with your new look this way and more

Which is not pioneering the latest technology in the market she is seeking to develop her own tools and technology. This includes a wide variety of surgical instruments that are now carried by the accurate surgical and science corporation. In this way, she can give back to the surgical community, both to surgeons practicing aesthetic medicine as well as traditional medicine.

Dr. Walden is Austin’s most notable plastic surgeon because she’s always trying to do more for herself and her clients. When profession is guided by passion the results follow. There is no case more obvious than this then her ongoing work in plastic surgery & aesthetic medicine.


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