Along the New Silk Road (Saigon, Vietnam, to Almaty, Kazakhstan)


Almaty’s horrible taxis – Who to use?

Today I endured another taxi nightmare. After reserving a taxi from Taxi 515 online, I was surprised that they never came. Phones to the taxi dispatch did not help either.  This is becoming too familiar for me in Almaty. Orange Taxi I used them twice. Easy to call, they were great the first. Second time, […]

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Borobudur Temple

Prambanan Temple – Yogyakarta (Part 1)

Edit 1: I mistakenly called this Borobudur, I just made the corrections. Well, this week I will do more posts from my Summer, 2014, trip to Indonesia.  Today’s post will focus on Prambanan, the Hindu Temple a couple hours outside of Yogyakarta,  Again, my friends from VMT recommended I visit Yogyakarta when I got to […]

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