In the Alatau Mountains


My former Karatau student took me into the mountains today right at sunset. It was amazing how beautiful the Alatau Mountains are. One reason a person would choose to live in Almaty. :-) You can see the pollution of Almaty in the distance. It is so beautiful, isn't it? Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading

A bit of Kazakh history


I visited the museum a couple weeks ago with my students. One part of the museum was devoted to ancient Kazakh history. Below is the Golden Man, considered as the symbol of Kazakhstan. The next picture is of a house during the same period. The next exhibit was interesting. It was a Kazakh tomb in which it seems the husband was buried with his wife and horses. The picture below shows the earthen mound that the above tomb was buried under. I want to go back later with a Continue Reading

An update from Almaty


I have been a bit silent on this blog for over a month.  I had a bit of technical issues with my blog after I added it to a CDN.  Today I finally removed my blog from the CDN and let it run as is so I could blog more often again. Winter is coming to an end here in Almaty.  We are expected to have one more snow fall tonight and through tomorrow and then there will be a gradual heat up.  The cold has not bothered me as I thought it would but still, I prefer the heat. During the last month, I Continue Reading

Dangers of ice cycles


Just took this photo at my school. Ice cycles do kill in Kazakhstan. There are always warnings issued when it starts to thaw out. I always see this maintenance man knocking down ice cycles with this pole. I am not sure how he gets the higher ones. Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading