DAMAC Tendencies

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When it comes to the United Arab Emirates, numerous things come into play. With that being said, the United Arab Emirates remains a festive nation. To expound further, people from all walks of life come to the United Arab Emirates to enjoy themselves and oftentimes to stay permanently. In addition, the United Arab Emirates remains a hotspot for business professionals. Moreover, these business professionals usually partake in the booming real estate industry. This remains attributed to the numerous resorts and villas located in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the nation has given birth to several successful entrepreneurs. Regardless of what industry they may work in, these professionals remain highly respected throughout the country.


With that being said, Hussain Sajwani remains the business professional in reference. For those unaware, Hussain Sajwani possesses numerous years of real estate experience. Moreover, Hussain Sajwani remains a prominent fixture in developing resorts and villas. Aside from his real estate development, Hussain Sajwani has also delved into philanthropy and things of that nature. To expound further, the owner of DAMAC has connections with several of the world’s top business leaders. In particular, the owner of DAMAC has a strong relationship with Donald Trump. Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump invited the DAMAC owner to numerous events. To expound further, the Hussain Sajwani family remained invited to a New Year’s Eve celebration and the opening of Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C.


In addition, the wives of both men also possess a fruitful relationship. On numerous occasions, both of their wives have gone to dinner and socialized regularly. Therefore, the owner of DAMAC’s international appeal remains uncontested. In addition, the owner of DAMAC has strong connections with government officials. Moreover, Hussain Sajwani remains responsible for several legislative decisions. As a result, the country’s economy continues to thrive. As stated previously, Hussain Sajwani has delved into philanthropy. During his free time, Sajwani gives back to the community that he serves. Moreover, he provides several opportunities for countless impoverished children.


During these times of need, Sajwani has always donated generously to numerous organizations. Therefore, Hussain remains highly respected.


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The top achievements of, finance investment expert, Paul Mampilly

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     Paul Mampilly took off his career on Wall Street in the year 1991 where he held the position, in Bankers Trust, of the assistant portfolio manager. Mr. Mampilly grew in his line of career where he to get managed multi-million dollar accounts and also top positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. In the year 2006, the owners of Kinetics Asset Management, a $6billion Company, recruited Mampilly to manage their hedge fund. Under Mampilly’s tenure, Kinetics Asset Management’s assets grew to $25billion. The rapid growth helped saw the firm named by Barron as the World’s Best hedge fund firm.

Mr. Mampilly also got an invite to take part in the coveted investment competition which was organized by the Templeton Foundation. While at Kinetics, with an initial capital of $50 million, Mampilly was able grow the investment to $88million in a single year. Furthermore, Mr. Paul made the remarkable investment during the financial crisis in the year 2008 and 2009. Ultimately, Mampilly was tired of the investment pace at Wall Street and the culture of making money only for the rich people. Thus, Paul retired from the role and company and went home to spend more time with his family. Nowadays, Mr. Mampilly has shifted his focus to helping people make cash from their investments especially those in retirement. The focus has led to the birth of his popular newsletters the Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. Moreover, Paul has a research service known as True Momentum.

Samuel says that he has the same routine for over 15 years where he goes through all the news that arise across various markets every morning. The news mostly cover North American Markets and Canada. After that, Mampilly goes through any news from the firms that he takes a keen track of in the market. Then, he can now focus on the news that concern his three trading services, Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes, which together make Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly keeps a close track of the company’s news using his portfolio tracker. That keeps him on edge about any changes in the business and price change in the markets.

Paul Mampilly is a Finance and Accounting graduate from Montclair State University. He was later awarded an MBA in Finance, in the year 1997, at Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

For more, read http://sovereignsociety.com/meet-the-experts/paul-mampilly/.

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The Health Benefits of Life Line Screening with Andrew Manganaro

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It is undisputed that early disease detection highly contributes to successful treatment. Often, when a disease is diagnosed earlier, there are higher chances of successful management and final treatment. When the disease is treated early, there are higher chances of preventing as well as delaying health problems associated with the particular illness. Early treatment also makes it easier for the patient to live with the disease. With that said Life Line Screening plays a key role in changing lives through providing advanced technology machines that can be used to detect disease at an early stage. Life Line Screening is a private company that capitalizes on prevention and wellness. It was established in 1993, and it is geographically located in Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening operates community linked screening services to enhance healthy living and learn more about Life Line Screening.



Life Line Screening is headed by Dr. Andrew Manganaro, the chief operating officer. Recently, he was interviewed by Idea Mensch. Andrew was born in New York City. He majored in philosophy and biology. The alumnus of the University of New York Medicine Department landed the chief operating officer through his strong academic credentials. From the New York University Hospital Centre, he shifted to UCLS School of Medicine where he was a research associate for two years. Andrew completed his residency as well as the chief residency in cardiothoracic in addition to vascular surgery at the Rochester University. He then received a board certification from the Department of Thoracic Surgery. Later into his career, Andrew spent approximately 35 years practicing cardiac, vascular as well as thoracic surgery. At the juncture of his retirement, he delved into Life Line Screening. This position is his prominent success story and Lifeline Screening on Facebook.


Life Line Screening

Asked to explain the story behind the establishment of Life Line Screening, Andrew stated that after years of experience as a surgeon in busy facilities, he identified many detrimental health cases of ruptured abdominal aneurysms as well as carotid embolic strokes. To him, these situations would have been prevented had the patients detected the diseases sooner. Through his careful observation and disappointment at how fragile life was at the site of disease, he took advantage of the chance to assist in early disease detection and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

More visit: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=4811170

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How a Followed Dream Built Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Empire

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There may be no other line of beauty products with a band of more fiercely loyal followers than Lime Crime. While we all have brands we love, we test out new products because they are often less expensive or offer different things. Lime Crime’s follower base loves the brand so much that not only do first-time purchasers typically turn into lifetime purchasers, but they utilize their own social media accounts and word-of-mouth recommendations to become the brand’s best marketing tool out there.


Much of this can be attributed to how founder Doe Deere chose to build her business to centralize around her buyers and their unique needs and inspirations. Doe was recently featured in Guest of a Guest discussing how she built her beauty empire into what it is today and, more specifically, how people out there can turn their dreams into true reality.


Doe is an incredibly unique person, she utilizes bright and unusual colors on her hair and face in the most charming ways and expert precision. The article itself was as unique as her, with a light eight page slideshow that featured gorgeous pictures of Doe and her awesome style alongside each piece of content.


First, a little background on Doe Deere was presented. She was born and raised in Russia and came to New York City at the young age of 17 to follow her dreams of becoming a rockstar musician. She dabbled in that and gained some fame for a few years before delving into the world of fashion. Fun fact, she met her husband during her musician time when they were members of the same band.


Lime Crime was born out of a unique passion Doe had inside her to express herself through brightly colored makeup. She launched Lime Crime knowing she had to follow that passion, but with no real idea that so many other women felt the same. And that is how the Lime Crime empire was born. The key here? Doe says if you have a dream inside you, just trust it and go get it!


Oh, and by the way, by far the coolest thing I learned from this article was that Doe’s loyal Lime Crime fans refer to her as the “Queen of the Unicorns.” It’s a title that seems to innately fit her.


If you haven’t check out Lime Crime, visit their website of follow them on Instagram @LimeCrime



The full interview with Doe Deere from Guest of a Guest can be found here: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true&slide=8


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George Soros: The Hedge Fund Owner Helping The World

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George Soros is known to be one of the most influential people in the world with the amount of impact that he has had on the international political scene. He has managed to convince masses who their right leader should be and has been able to draw political scenarios for the people. His ultimate goal is to be able to provide whatever help he can to people in need, across the entire world. He is one of the biggest philanthropists in the whole world and has contributed to numerous different charities and started countless of his own. In one of his most recent charitable endeavors, George Soros started up his own NGO to help people who were coming from war-torn countries, seeking refuge in European nations. George Soros allocated funds to this organization so that he could offer these refugees monetary aid which they could use to rebuild their lives in their new homes.

The list of things that George Soros has done during his life to helping people is an incredibly long one, which is why he has been able to cement his position on the Forbes top philanthropists lists for several consecutive years. His contribution is noticed by people all over the world. The reason why George Soros believes in helping people so much is due to his upbringing. When George Soros was younger, he lived in Hungary with his family. His family was Jewish and during that time, had to face a lot of distress because that part of Hungary was still under the Nazi rule. The people around him and his family were subjected to an enormous amount of political injustice because the wrong people were in power. He, therefore, decided to try his best to make a difference in the world by helping those who are subject to this injustice. He also decided that he would try his best to inform the people about the people who they were voting for so that what happened all those years ago in Germany would never happen again. Learn more about his profile at forbes.com

When George Soros was a teenager, his family fled the country and went to London, where he attended London School of Economics. He knew that if he wanted to make a difference on the scale he envisioned, he would need a lot of money. He, therefore, saw the field of finance as the best fit for his needs and therefore decided to move to New York and start working on Wall Street. Here, he began investing in hedge funds, which is what amassed him the fortune that he possesses today. Currently, George Soros is one of the richest hedge fund owners in the entire world. Learn more on Biography about George

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Brian Bonar’s Path to Success

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If you have ever read any articles about Brian Bonar, you can’t help but notice the many adjectives that describe his business acumen. He has been described as a finance wizard, guru, and even an aficionado; Brian is a veteran in the business world, and currently, serves as chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept.

His educational background goes back to the 1960’s; his studies were focused on mechanical engineering. Brian attended James Watt Technical College and Stafford University and ultimately received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. He then went on to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, an MBA from Staffordshire University and lastly, a doctorate from Staffordshire University.

Bonar started his career in the 1980’s with IBM (International Business Machines), where he was a procurement manager responsible for outsourcing motherboards; he then broadened his horizon by working for several diverse businesses. Bonar has held high-level positions with companies such as Rastek Corporation, ITEC Image Technologies, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and a host of others. Bonar has used these employment opportunities, in conjunction with his educational background, to move up the proverbial corporate ladder.

For example, during his tenure with Rastek Corporation, he served as vice president of sales and marketing and focused on global printing technology sales. He worked in a similar capacity at ITEC Image Technologies, establishing business relationships with printer firms in South Korea and Japan. All of Brian Bonar’s career endeavors represent a stepping stone, with each step moving him further up the corporate ladder.

Brian Bonar’s career path is an allegory for what is possible when you’re committed to achieving success. After his time with IBM, Bonar became a director of engineering for QMS, where he was responsible for 100 engineers, focusing on hardware and software development.

In 1989 he left QMS and took on the role of Vice President of sales and marketing for Rastek Corporation focusing on print technology sales worldwide. After his stint with Raskek, Bonar took on the role of sales manager for Adaptec, which proved to be a relatively easy transition considering his previous role with Rastek, another print company.

Brian obviously had an affinity for the print industry; after his time with Rastek and Adaptec, he founded Bezier Systems, where he was instrumental in creating and marketing SCSI based printers. In 2008 Brian decided to charter new territory; he was hired as president of Allegiant Professional Business Services, where he improved both their sales and marketing.

After working in various industries, Brian decided to transition to a business consultant role; his proficiency in mergers and acquisitions, new business development, and finding venture capital makes this a seamless transition.

Bonar became chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services in 1999, and in 2011 he became chairman and CEO of Trucept; Dalrada Financial Services provide an array of management services, including human resource support, workers compensation, and employee benefits. Trucept provides similar management services, but also provide healthcare staffing. Bonar has an affinity for business and a desire for success; his achievements are a testament to what is possible if you’re willing to work hard.

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Real Estate in Brazil with José Auriemo Neto

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José Auriemo Neto may be well known in the Brazilian market for many things but his contributions with JHSF in the real estate industry tops the list. JHSF under the able leadership of José Neto is without a doubt the lead real estate company when it comes to the development, acquisition and management of commercial and residential upscale properties in the Brazilian economy. The company is known for its development projects in the hospitality industries including high-end hotels, shopping centers and executive airports.

JHSF was founded in the year 1972 and ever since it has been the market leader in its niche markets. In addition to the able leadership of its CEO Jose Neto, JHSF has garnered its reputation in various ways. Thanks to its innovative and technologically advanced construction equipment, the company has been able to identify new opportunities in its line of operations. Its professionally trained and experienced employees have been able to impact positive energy to the growth and sustainability of the company. Currently the growth of the company has seen it increase its market coverage to include other cities both locally and internationally. The company today has its offices in Manaus, São Paulo, Salvador, New York (USA), Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Miami (USA) and learn more about JHSF.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO and Chairman of the famous JHSF Participacoes SA. He is tasked with the responsibility with the responsibility of overseeing the company’s developmental properties both in the commercial and in the residential market. In addition to this Mr. Neto also acts as the administrator of the brand’s extensive high end retail and shopping portfolio that includes Metrô Tucuruv, the famous Cidade Jardim shopping mall in Säo Paulo, Ponta Negra shopping complex in Manaus and Bela Vista in Salvador to name but a few.

Neto is graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo. After graduation, he started his career in JHSF in 1993. The real estate guru is attributed directly to the many success that the company enjoys to date, most notably the success of the service department in the organization and more information click here.

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Todd Lubar Successful Career in Real Estate

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Todd Lubar is known to many as one of the most successful business executives in the United States. At the moment, he is serving as the chief executive and chairman of a famous company known as TDL Global Ventures. Apart from this prestigious position, the businessman acts as the vice president of a real estate company called Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar is also considered to be one of the most authoritative figures in the real estate department in the United States.

When he finished his university education several years ago, Todd Lubar felt that it was better to venture into the real estate world. Since his school days, the businessman had a passion for helping individuals acquire homes, and he thought that he could pursue his dream. Todd Lubar ventured into the industry, and he had done quite well, becoming one of the most successful real estate investors. The businessman has also invested in several other departments, and he has been fruitful. His wealth has made him help the needy individuals in the society too.

According to Hackronym, Todd worked in the finance and credit word for twenty years first before investing in real estate. After being in the finance and credit department, he understood the dreams of many people, and he chose to try and fulfill them. He founded a company known as TDL Global Ventures to help the consumers to eliminate the barriers that were hindering the clients from getting the massive loans they wanted to succeed in life.

The businessman starts off his day by taking a cup of coffee. However, before leaving the house, he takes some healthy breakfast with his young kids. He then looks at the daily newspapers and his emails so that he can plan his day before heading to the office. Todd Lubar goes for some workout every day so that he can get enough energy to accomplish his ideas and also keep fit. Because he has been in the industry for a long time, Todd Lubar has successfully managed to form healthy relationships with professionals in the finance and credit industry, and this has enabled him to help many clients in the United States. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

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Bruce Levenson’s Initiative that Facilitates Varsity Education

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Bruce Levenson recently sold the Atlanta Hawks and got a lot of money, almost 1 billion dollars, and that was over 27% of the expected bid. Goldman and Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were the ones that were hired to bid out the Atlanta Hawks. With the price that was agreed, he made a huge profit though some valuers say that they overpriced the team.

Do Good Institute.

This initiative by Bruce Levenson aims at reaching students in colleges who are pursuing undergraduate degrees at the University of Maryland. This will result in them going out to the professional world with a real perception that certainly will increase their will to volunteer and give back. They will not be profit oriented, but they will have a human heart of helping.

Bruce and his wife Karen believe that they are going to sustain this initiative because of the business skills they have, unlike others that had good vision but ran bankrupt after a while. In a report by PR News, they have pumped in 75 million dollars in the initiative and boosted by the state of Maryland who gave 20 million dollars too. The students were given 10,000 dollars to via Philanthropy 101 so that they could undertake the course that they want.

The mission of this initiative is to change campus in such a way that graduates are informed, and ready to give back and to train the guys coming out of varsities to be non-profit in their endeavors in life.

Since 2010, they have been making progress and enabling students to be major in the field that they want to concentrate in. Bruce Levenson will create a new stock of millennials that will not put themselves first (selfless), but as they are moving on, they will value humanity and have others in mind. his charitable works have improved the lives of many people in Maryland.

Read More: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

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John Goullet’s Accomplishment in IT Staffing

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John Goullet is an IT Staffing professional who has kept succeeding in his business thus making him a good entrepreneur. He has a master’s degree in computer science from Ursinus College. John Goullet was first of all an IT Consultant right from college. after that he took the step of being independent and began in IT Staffing. Due to his skills he was able to pick well in his career which enabled him to also increase his experience. Goullet then founded his first company Info Technologies. this company is in charge of solving IT Staffing problems for other organizations, it has so far succeeded in helping more than 500 organizations.

Inc Magazine mentioned Info Technologies as the top private US Company is growing so fast, this is due to its achievement of $30 million in a couple of 5 years. This was a success because John had enough experience to see this through. The company was able to join Diversant Inc and as one they formed Diversant LLC. Goullet is the principal of the company who is responsible for making new strategies. The company’s employees are also working hard to keep the company in a better place in developing to greater heights and John’s lacrosse camp.

The staff members are hardworking people who are dedicated to making sure that more success is achieved in the organization as well as keeping their clients coming. IT Staffing is something that needs all concentration thus making it challenging, but the staff members always use these challenges as their motivation as well as by following the values of the company. Diversant LLC is a success because of the devotion of the employees to take it to the next level. John Goullet is a happy man due to the development of the company; he believes that together with his company he will keep making their services in IT better.

Diversant LLC has a certificate of minority –owned business thus indicating how much they worked hard to achieve it. The company has also maintained their excellent financial status. The firm’s values and ethics have also highly contributed to the accomplishment of the company and learn more about John.

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