Racing Jets, Slow Lines, Back in Almaty


While the bus was taking us to the terminal from the plane, these two planes went past us rather quickly. I had to "race"  to get these photos. It made for an interesting photo shoot. Unfortunately all the speed of the airport ended at immigration: Took me over 30 minutes to get to the immigration booth. Hence the below picture is a welcoming scene once you leave the airport: Spring is here, the snow. The snow is gone.  Welcome back to Kazakhstan.! Posted Continue Reading

The Daun Halal Restaurant


Today I finally visited The Daun restaurant. It is a halal restaurant catering to Muslim tourists visiting Saigon. Most of the customers are Malaysian tour groups so the restaurant is always packed. I had one of nasi goreng dishes and loved it.  They also serve halal Vietnamese food.  I tried the cha gio which was also very good.  It is really worth visiting but you should call ahead. The Daun restaurant, 305 Ly Tu Trong,  District 1, Saigon Website: Continue Reading

Update on Internet Usage in Almaty

KCell 3G - Kazakhstan

Got an update since my last post about internet providers here in Almaty.  I have learned quite a bit.  For starters, UNLIMITED is not unlimited with any internet provider in Kazakhstan.  It is just a selling point.  You actually have to buy bandwidth usage from each provider.   If you do not know this, the first month of service can be frustrating. Altel 4 I have used Altel 4G now with their "unlimited" package since January.  They did give 99 Gigs for free but it was only for the first Continue Reading