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Hussain Ali Sajwani is the CEO and the chairman of DAMAC properties LLC. He founded the firm in 1976 in the United Arab Emirates. At first, he had invested in the food and catering supply. He used to supply food and catering commodities for the U.S Army. However, in 2001, the United Arab Emirate government passed the law to allow foreigners to own property. Thus, he shifted to real estate business. Through that period. He was able to sell more units in less than six months.

In 2017, Hussain Ali Sajwani was named as top 100 most influential individuals in the United Arab Emirates. According to the Forbes magazine, he is one of the wealthiest billionaires in the United Arab Emirates with a value of$2.7 billion.

Apart from his investments, he supports charitable organizations. He has dedicated a certain amount of his funds to charitable organizations. Moreover, he is described a community leader who has devoted his life to helping the needy children in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, he is a philanthropic leader who believes in strengthening the investment relationships between the United Arab Emirates and the United States. He has completed a couple of transactions that are seen to enhance the ties between UAE and the US.

About DAMAC Properties LLC

DAMAC properties were initiated in 1976 by Hussain Ali Sajwani. It is a famous firm that engages in developing residential, commercial and luxury features. Since establishment, the company has recorded a substantial number of developments. To begin with, they have delivered more than 20,200 luxury homes and hotels as well as 44,000 apartments. Moreover, the property investment firm has employed more than 2000 employees. The development of this firm has been shown to grow the economy of the United Arab Emirates in a significant.

The Relationship Between Donald Jr. Trump and Hussain Ali Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani has been spotted a couple of times with the US president Donald Trump. First, they were together during the new year eve and the inauguration day. The two are said to hold a couple of investment deals. Their last deal was the Trump International Golf Club that yielded $2 billion regarding sales.

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