Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Sweeps The Competition Away

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest document processing company. Eight out of the ten biggest retail mortgage companies use Nationwide as their primary source for their documents. Without the certainty of timely delivery, closings on a property could not continue as there would be no reliable timing for closing appointments.


Nationwide handles lien releases, assignments, document retrieval, nationwide abstractor services, final document processing, assignment verification reports, current owner and O&E reports, lien verification reports, tax status reports, and many other reports necessary for use in the mortgage business.


In the mortgage industry, the timeliness and accuracy of documents mean everything. If a property closing is scheduled and the documents don’t arrive on time, or they are inaccurate, then the closing will have to be rescheduled. This can lead to clients changing their minds about buying along with other problems that may crop up.


Nationwide has some of the best statistics in the industry. Their failure rate is only.78%, and their compliance rate is 99.98%. This means that they are finding nearly 100% of the time and they are accurate in what they find nearly 100% of the time.


The employees and their training regimen are a key factor in the company’s success. They are thoroughly trained and ready for their jobs and are experts at what they do. There are also an extra 150 training modules available for general knowledge, and they are also essential for advancement in the company.


Employees like working at Nationwide, as the pay is good and management has a policy of listening to their suggestions. An open door policy is very helpful as the mortgage business can be very stressful at times. For the past five out of six years, Nationwide has been noted as one of the top 100 places to work according to the Tampa Bay Times.


The technology and software are proprietary for Nationwide, and they are very big in the digital processes of reaching out to find the necessary documents and files needed every day by the retail mortgage companies. With their superior technology, Nationwide has access to every county and jurisdiction in the United States, which amounts to over 3,600 different places documents are stored.


The mission statement of Nationwide states that it is their goal to deliver the highest levels of accuracy in the research services and document processing possible to protect homeowners and clients and to preserve the land records of the United States. It appears that they are doing just that with great skill and care.


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