National Steel Car: A Unique Endeavor

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National Steel Car has always cultivated a reputation for excellence. Current owner and CEO Gregory James Aziz stepped into a role with the company, ready to honor the freight car engineering and manufacturing company’s impeccable reputation. Since it was founded, the company has been headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. It has been a gem in the community and employed over 3000. Not only is National Steel Car known internationally, but he has also put Hamilton on the map. People the world over travel to do business with the amazing manufacturer because of their razor-sharp focus on quality and their very reasonable prices.


Although National Steel Car has a wonderful reputation today, that hasn’t always been the case. Since it was founded in 1912, the company has experienced more highs than lows but when Gregory Aziz took over, the company was in clear decline. The then owner, Dofasco, knew that they were not going to be able to save the company. Aziz looked at the challenge and knew he had what it took to bring the company back to life. One of the main things that Aziz wanted to be sure of was that he did not coast on National Steel Car’s previous reputation, he wanted to create an identity that honored their history but was also completely unique.


Today, it is very apparent that Greg Aziz was able to meet those goals. National Steel Car is better than it has ever been, historically. One of the major selling points for National Steel Car’s rolling stock is the attention to detail that the workers put into every single piece. In 1996 the company won the TTX SECO award for maintaining the highest quality. They also received ISO certification, which looks at value and quality comparatively for the company to receive it. National Steel Car has maintained both since initially obtaining them. They continuously go through recertification and check their practices to be sure that they are producing the best possible product. See Related Link for more information.


When Aziz obtained his degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario, he knew that he wanted to be a businessman. He was born into a family that had spearheaded the creation of Affiliated Foods, a grocery supply merchandiser, but he has never wanted to ride on the success of others. National Steel Car allowed him to create something amazing while preserving something truly special. There is no doubt that in the future, the company will continue to do great things.



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