Jim Toner: An Unwhitting Education

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At an age where working hard, was hardly working, Jim Toner discovered that being different was simply a frame of mind. With this firmly impressed in his mind, what was once fantastic now entered the realm of possibility.

At once it was easy for him to understand why he did not fit the mold of those around him. He stopped trying be one of the crowd and decided to try working for himself for a change. After all, working for someone else was not exactly panning out. Trying to find what he could not only due but do well became more than a hobby. A key had turned. The veil was lifted, and there was no turning back.

To obtain the fantastic one must look for opportunities of learning. He began reading more and watching infomercials in the hopes of finding “the something” that was just right for him. What he found was real estate. Real estate investing became a passion.

However, it was not long before Jim Toner discovered that having knowledge and using it were two very different things. There was a an essential element missing; and needed it to be the bridge between his knowledge and success.

This bridge came in the form of another real estate investor; whom after a shaky start took him under his wing. While Jim realized that his knowledge was superior, his mentor brought other benefits to the table. Practical application.

With this burgeoning knowledge in hand he decided it was time to strike out on his own. While his first real estate deal was not the success it could have been, it still yielded a valuable nugget of knowledge.

Chiefly, that foreclosure homes were a different beast altogether, and that having investors was a double edges sword. Still the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit were firmly planted and taking root. If you want to know more on how to achieve financial freedom, read more.

From such a small start Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) turned his mistakes into his fortune. Refusing to give up and by continuing to increase his knowledge; he is now considered a powerhouse in real estate investing.

Reference: https://angel.co/thejimtoner

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