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Finding a lawyer is one of the easiest yet complicated things to do. It is easy if you know where you are going and who to find. Fortunately, there are renowned lawyers and law firms you can go to whether you need a criminal lawyer, custody battles or help with your will or tenant. One such lawyer is Jeremy Goldstein.


State bar


The State bar is one of the most reliable places to start when scouting for an attorney. The New York state bar has a referral system where you get to learn about lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein. This came to be formed after the realization that most people look for attorneys when in distress hence the possibility of setting for anyone. This online service is open 24 hours a day, which is something the president of the bar appreciates.


How the referral service works


Anyone seeking an attorney goes to the website, fills out the confidential questionnaire with a detailed description of your legal problem. The state bar then dos a review and matches you to the right attorney in your area. If you live out of their jurisdiction, the bar refers it to an appropriate bar. Referrals are free but consultations are charged. No client is obligated to retain a lawyer after the first meeting.


About Jeremy Goldstein, LLC


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner and owner of Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC whose mandate is to advice committees on compensation, CEOs, Corporate governance matters and management teams among others. He has been part of the largest corporate transactions in the past ten years.


He is the chairperson of Mergers and Acquisition subcommittee of the executive compensation committee of the American Bar Association of Business. He is a speaker and writer of corporate governance issues. He is in the list of leading executive compensation lawyers in America. He also takes part in charity work that helps people with mental disabilities.



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