Imran Haque and the Great Things He Has Done for the Tar Heel State

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The middle of North Carolina is home to lots of rural areas that don’t have as much economic activity as their larger counterparts. This often results in less medical care for patients that really need it, bad for communities at large. Imran Haque realized when he was in medical school that he needed to work in a rural area so he could make families feel better and monitor their performance and feelings over the years, hopefully taking care of them for the rest of Dr. Haque’s many years planned for the Asheboro and Ramseur areas.

This popular doctor is the owner and operator of Horizon Internal Medicine, a clinic that he operates for as a business and as a physician. He is one of the top doctors in Ramseur because it is not very large and he has been working for over 15 years, more than most doctors in the area – not to mention most doctors in general.

Haque offers a lot of different types of services, many of which are to increase the aesthetics of patients’ skin. Not many rural residents are privileged enough to have affordable places that perform these services. However, all the residents of central North Carolina know they can visit Dr. Imran for whatever problems they may have.

They might have to wake several weeks to get to see him because he’s so popular, but virtually everybody in the area knows that his services rival those of the best medical doctors in the entire Southeast United States of America.

Dr. Haque graduated from medical school in 1998, then going to the University of Virginia for a residency program. He finished in 2001 and immediately went to North Carolina to work at a hospital and slowly work up the number of patients he regularly saw.

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