Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Are Creating Some Amazing Things

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Hussain Sajwani is a name that’s becoming more well known by the day. He’s the chairman of DAMAC properties. The DAMAC itself is known to many for the luxurious properties that come under that general banner. And as founder, Hussain Sajwani is equally well known for his ability to create amazing properties. In particular they’re well known in the Middle East. And Dubai in particular features some of their amazing works.

But Hussain Sajwani’s name and the works of the DAMAC are spreading well past the luxury of Dubai. Both company and founder hold fast to a general rule. They maintain that the future of society comes down to the children who will build it. And Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC certainly know a lot about how things are built.

They’re taking that general idea and putting it into more practical terms. They’re not just considering the youth of the future in an abstract sense. Instead, they’re looking at the world and considering how to best foster young talent. And this idea has become one of the most well known of their philanthropic efforts.

Most people are well aware that Dubai is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. But what’s less well known is how aware their government is of that fact. They’re not content to simply sit as a jewel within the world’s crown. Instead they’re actively looking for ways to help foster higher standards of living all over the world.

And this is where their positive intent and that of Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) and the DAMAC cross paths. All three have a vested interest in making the world a better place. And they’ve been able to provide over two million to a charity clothing the needy children of the world.

It’s an impressive effort to be sure. But one of the most important aspects of this charity is how it works with all parties ideals. The company itself has created over 19,136 units of storage. This has created not just areas to live, but also jobs. And investing some of the earnings in the world’s children makes it an even stronger philanthropic gesture.

Checkout this CNBC article with Sajwani:

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