How the Mix-n-Match Style Changes Your Interiors

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Most people don’t feel confident about the mix-n-match style. Unless you are a seasoned interior designer, you may think that it will destroy your nicely planned space and make it look like a medley of contrasting concepts and trends that look like an ugly patchwork. Are you one of these people? Don’t worry! You’re not alone!

Fortunately, a mix-n-match style is not quite unfamiliar these days. The modern designers know how to bring various trends together and create a cohesive design out of them. Find out how it changes your interiors:

Add Interest with Texture. 

Crown molding or decorative wall molding is a great way to jazz up the texture of a particular place. It has lovely architectural property to enhance the appearance of a space. Alex Moulding offered some modern styles that could be perfect with your home interior.

We know that texture is a great instrument in adding visual weight. Molding on the ceiling or wall add interest and keep the room grounded. Use several layers of panels to create a volume so that the elements grab immediate attention. You can also bring traditional or decorative moldings into a modern interior or a sleek profile into a heavily decorated room to create a contrasting effect. 

Personalized Design. 

This style is particularly excellent for offering the scope of bringing together your personal choices and design concepts. For example, if you are thinking of a kitchen makeover, you can mix up high uppers with open space and a single shelf for creating balanced storage and a fresh, artful impact. You can jazz up the look further with new countertops or backsplash.

Make Room for Lonesome Accessories.

 Different types of objects gathered together are visually more compelling than standing lonely. The genre is also perfect to find new places for some unloved elements. For example, if you don’t find any suitable place for some upcycled old pine chairs or some repurposed lamp shades, bring them into your living room. The furnishings and décor of the room will give the newly added items an uplift.

Remember that there are no hard and fast rules for creating a mix and match style. You can apply your won decorating methods and style up a corner or an entire room the way you like. You can add charm and sweetness to an all-white room with leather elements, decorative elements, and colorful showpieces or sober up a vibrant place with matte finishes and neutral colors.

Enhance a Room with Patterns.

 When you think of an eclectic design, patterns are one of the first things that will come to your mind. Mixing patterns and hues can create an adventurous décor and make a room sing. One way to keep harmony while combining various prints is to have something common in them to tie them together. It could be a matching color or a theme. Otherwise, you can also layer one main color with two or more accent hues.


Restraint is the Key 

Mixing and matching mean pairing up various elements that belong to different genres. However, you should practice restraint so that a room does not look like a circus tent. If you are using fabrics for creating patterns, don’t incorporate more than three or four types. Besides, use plenty of neutrals in between to break the busy patterns if necessary.

You can also do it by bringing a couple of pieces of a furniture or accessory in a similar color but different shapes. For example, if you bring six chairs for your dining table in the same color but six different designs, you will create an excellent eclectic appearance without making it look too over-stimulating.  

If you can decode the mystery of the mix-n-match style, you will have the confidence to navigate the design process. It liberates you from the age-old concept of sticking to just one school of thought. As it can bring positive changes to your home, apply the ideas when you are dealing with a renovation project.

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