How Lori Senecal Has Emerged a Global Leader

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Lori Senecal is a resident of New York born in 1969.She is a very active entrepreneur who has performed excellently in leadership and innovation. Lori Senecal is the current global CEO of the CP& B where she oversees the growth and development of the company. Senecal went to McGill University for her bachelor’s degree specializing in Business. She was an introvert, and her first venture into her career was a challenge. Lori Worked for Ford’s Media account, with the firm giving her the best foundation in developing her public relations skills. Lori left the company joining McCann Erickson where she managed the coca- cola account. She did well in her duties by leading the account globally. Her boss encouraged her to take leadership responsibilities. She launched the TAG Ideation which was another significant achievement for the company. The company promoted her to the position of the president, leading the New York branch. After three years of leadership, Lori left joining Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners.

Senecal did not go through interviews to get his position at Kirshenbaum bonds and partners, but only a meeting with the co-founder was enough. The MDC Partners CEO initiated the meeting of Lori and the co-founder. Her reputation gave Lori a direct chance as a CEO of the company. The company wanted to expand its business beyond the New York Headquarters, and Lori qualified for the responsibilities due to her creative, innovative and a good reputation. Miles Nadal, the MDC Partners CEO promised Kirshenbaum founders that Lori would expand not only their company but also the MDC partners.

With the election of Lori as the current global chief executive officer of the CP&B, she will be responsible for the overall growth of the business. The company deals with international marketing and advertising. She will coordinate and manage all the activities in the nine branches to ensure they expand as well. Senecal achievement working as a global executive and a president led to her election to her current position due to the leadership skills she got from her prior position. Her performance and achievements while in Kirshenbaum also affected her vote after she won the Infiniti global creative account. Lori also spearheaded the company to focus on global market through the expansion of resources, technology, and the creation of content and start-up investment.

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