How a Followed Dream Built Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Empire

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There may be no other line of beauty products with a band of more fiercely loyal followers than Lime Crime. While we all have brands we love, we test out new products because they are often less expensive or offer different things. Lime Crime’s follower base loves the brand so much that not only do first-time purchasers typically turn into lifetime purchasers, but they utilize their own social media accounts and word-of-mouth recommendations to become the brand’s best marketing tool out there.


Much of this can be attributed to how founder Doe Deere chose to build her business to centralize around her buyers and their unique needs and inspirations. Doe was recently featured in Guest of a Guest discussing how she built her beauty empire into what it is today and, more specifically, how people out there can turn their dreams into true reality.


Doe is an incredibly unique person, she utilizes bright and unusual colors on her hair and face in the most charming ways and expert precision. The article itself was as unique as her, with a light eight page slideshow that featured gorgeous pictures of Doe and her awesome style alongside each piece of content.


First, a little background on Doe Deere was presented. She was born and raised in Russia and came to New York City at the young age of 17 to follow her dreams of becoming a rockstar musician. She dabbled in that and gained some fame for a few years before delving into the world of fashion. Fun fact, she met her husband during her musician time when they were members of the same band.


Lime Crime was born out of a unique passion Doe had inside her to express herself through brightly colored makeup. She launched Lime Crime knowing she had to follow that passion, but with no real idea that so many other women felt the same. And that is how the Lime Crime empire was born. The key here? Doe says if you have a dream inside you, just trust it and go get it!


Oh, and by the way, by far the coolest thing I learned from this article was that Doe’s loyal Lime Crime fans refer to her as the “Queen of the Unicorns.” It’s a title that seems to innately fit her.


If you haven’t check out Lime Crime, visit their website of follow them on Instagram @LimeCrime



The full interview with Doe Deere from Guest of a Guest can be found here:


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