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Young professionals beginning life in the big cities across the United States of America have a reason to smile thanks to Magnises which is a brainchild of Billy McFarland. This is a black card that allows millennia’s living in the eastern coast cities of New York and Washington DC to enjoy exclusive deals available. This invention targets young people within the age of 21 and 35 years working in the fashion industry, technology, and finance industry. Currently, the services of this card are only available in these two cities. However, there are plans to expand the services to other cities that include Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

This card allows you to enjoy discounts at various joints which include restaurants, Bars, Clubs and even hotels. The card can also be used to book Galleries exhibition and access co-working spaces in these two cities. Some users of this service report that this card has allowed them to enter the best clubs in these cities with just $65 a month. They have also reported that they can spend a night at a hotel in New York for just $ 74 a night. Normally, these services are usually expensive, and the young people cannot afford them. Imagine accessing a co-working space in New York for just $99 a month. These are services that usually goes for about $500 a month.

However, to access this service, you would have to be referred by a friend and be vetted like the fraternities vet their members. Furthermore, you would have to part with about $250 annually. To understand the success of this facility, it has managed to attract around 13,000 users that consist of notable basketball players, famous actresses and film actors. Magnises was established by Billy McFarland in the year 2013. Billy is a school dropout and dropped out to follow his passion of running his businesses. To make the services even more awesome, he designed a virtual assistant called the Magnises NOW that can answer questions about the service and even recommend for you the best joint in your town. For instance, Magnises now takes about three minutes to answer your query about the hottest club joints in your area.

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