George Soros Works to Protect Immigrants

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Despite the highly publicized efforts by the Trump administration to prevent immigrants from coming into the United States, there is still some hope. Forbes released an article about billionaire George Soros and how he has recently announced that he will personally be donating over $500 million to a variety of charities and non-profit organizations. In addition to helping immigrants in Europe and the United States, Soros hopes to also provide a suitable foundation for migrants to develop their own startups and businesses across the world. It is hoped that through these donations, migrants can stabilize and overcome their tragic situations.

As Discover the Networks noted, George Soros is an immigrant himself, and so he understands better than most how difficult it can be to climb up through the social ranks of a foreign land. Originally born in Hungary, he moved to London while in his teens before eventually settling in New York City. Since building in his career in the United States, George Soros has become a dominant political figure in many different countries. A large part of Soros’ philanthropic efforts stem from his sizable personal fortune, which he uses as a tool to promote social and political change in countries that are in significant need of outside help. Learn more on about George.

During the recent U.S. election, George Soros helped form a PAC that was geared towards helping Latino and other minority voters to get out and vote. Although these efforts are already well appreciated, it’s worth noting that Soros does not plan to stop any time soon. In fact, he has previously stated that he intends to donate an additional $11 billion by the end of his life.

On a personal level, George Soros is known for having a reputation for being somewhat grandiose. He is not content to let an initiative or pet project fall into obscurity if it can be helped, and it is his passion that often helps organizations generated more steam than just a simple cash injection. With that in mind, it’s clear that Soros takes his role in helping migrants around the world seriously, and it does not seem likely that he intends to abandon them anytime soon. Even if countries continue to argue over how to deal with the refugee situation, at least it looks like George Soros will be there to help clean up the mess and set people back on the right track after they’ve gone through so many other personal ordeals.

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