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Back in the 1970’s, President Nixon signed into law the fact that oil and gas producing companies who got their profits from drilling within the United States would be allowed to do so without a tax burden on them. The companies would be able to gain profit from selling the resources within the United States without having to pay taxes on it. Mark Badiali began his Freedom Checks company in order to show people how to invest in these companies and gain profit without taxes. Freedom Checks was founded in 2016 and currently has over fifty employees working for them.

Mark believes that anyone can invest their money into these companies and earn a profit regardless of their financial standing. Freedom Checks are dividends that are paid by the big oil and gas companies to their shareholders. The checks are sent to investors yearly and many have seen great profits from their initial investment. In order for the corporations to qualify for the tax relief, they must pay back to their investors 90 cents on every dollar that is earned. Depending on the number of other investors and the amount of shares you hold, your earnings could be quite substantial. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

Freedom Checks is currently developing additional tax free options for people to invest in. Real Estate development is just one of them. Mark has shown that real estate investment is another area where tax free gains can be made. When a company builds or rebuilds areas that are underdeveloped, they can make profits when the pieces are sold and there are a number of federal programs that allow investors to put their money into these companies and gain a profit without having to pay any federal taxes on it.

Many people have taken the chance on investing their savings into Freedom Checks and the company has grown substantially in the few years that it has been operating. Mark has been touring the country and teaching potential investors about the program and how it can make them live comfortably. The return on the investment has been shown to be quite high. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/freedom-checks-scam-or-real-deal/


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