Doe Deere’s Makeup Isn’t the Biggest Part of Her Morning

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Since Doe Deere is a makeup enthusiast and someone who owns a makeup company, most would think that her morning routine would involve hours of makeup application and beauty products. It doesn’t, though. The routine that she has takes several hours but only about one hour of that is used for hair and makeup. The rest of the time that she has in the morning is dedicated to brainstorming new ideas, coming up with innovations for the brand and contemplating the different things that are going on for her that day. It is a great way for her to get her mornings started and also gives her the chance to try more than what most people are able to do throughout the day. Doe Deere knows that a great morning will always lead to a great day and that she can benefit from everything that the good morning has to offer.

When Doe Deere first gets up, she downs a big glass of water. This is so that she can stay hydrated and healthy. Los Angeles is a really dry place and she always wants to make sure that she is getting exactly what she needs from the different things that are going on. She continues to hydrate throughout the day but knows that the first glass of water of the day is the most important to keep up with the demands that her body has for her in the hot, dry heat of Southern California.

From there, Doe Deere does a little stretching and looks out her window. She likes to take in the city views and everything that is going on. She also gets a taste for the weather outside during this time. While she is looking out the window, she will look at her calendar for the day. She keeps everything that she has on a phone calendar and goes by that. She tries to make sure that she has an idea of what types of meetings and things she has during the day. It is also a great time for her to simply relax and come up with ideas for the makeup brand.

Doe Deere then makes herself breakfast. She likes to do things like fruit or grits and always tries to incorporate a filling but small breakfast into her diet. She knows that having breakfast will make the rest of the day easier and give her a lot of energy. After breakfast, she spends about 30 minutes putting her makeup on, depending on what look she is going for. She then styles her hair that she washed the night before she went to bed and finds an outfit that will match the style of the day.

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