Dick DeVos Takes the Baton and Runs With It

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When you father is the man that started Amway it is obvious that you have some big shoes to fill. This is what Dick DeVos had to realize when he stepped from behind the shadow of his father to lead this company.


I think that Dick DeVos has a very impressive resume, but he had a great leader, his father, that helped him get a leg up in the corporate world. There are some men that have fathers that are successful in business, but it may not trickle down to the son. Dick DeVos had the baton handed to him, and I think that he has done a marvelous job of upholding the DeVos name.


He cut his teeth on being a CEO with Amway, but he would eventually branch out and go to even greater lengths to build his career. He has become someone that strongly believes in giving back to those that are in need. He has worked with his wife Betsy to create a strong foundation that gives a lot back to education. This is just one of things that he has been able to do with the money that he has accumulated over the years.


Dick DeVos has also managed to thrive in investment management. He has built a career that spans several decades, and he has continued to work hard when he is not enjoying his favorite pastime. Sailing is what he loves to do when he is not working. There are a lot of opportunities for his sons to grab the baton from him because he has made it to billionaire status. That is the great thing about starting out with a successful business that has been handed down from your father. I know that here lots of people that start in business that may become millionaires, but it is harder to reach that billionaire status because they had to start from the bottom.


I think that his philanthropy may be even more impressive than his ability to build up companies. He has become someone that has given to a large number of charities. He has been giving to education for such a long time, and this is why so many people in Michigan love him.



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  1. Kevin Goodwill

    Dick DeVos, however, has become someone that made it to billionaire status because he made good on the money and the company that his father entrusted him with. That alone could cause a lot for superior paper and I know it will lead to a lot of good things to come for them.