Combating Crime By Staying Ahead Of Crime Syndicates: Securus Technologies Drone Detection

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Securus has the resources to provide the support jails and prisons need. That said, the company realizes the importance of working with companies having other capabilities to deliver superior solutions.

Concerning the ongoing trials of drone detection technology, I hope that their efforts and determination provide the anti-drone solutions our correctional services so desperately need. Securus has been successful before, and I am sure everything will turn out all right in the end.

Drug smuggling is another area where drones help a lot. That is why the Cayman Islands Prison Service developed an intensive training program to help its officers control drug smuggling. In 2015, a drone dropped drug packages into an Ohio prison yard.

The packet had more than five ounces of tobacco, more than two ounces of marijuana, and almost a quarter ounce of heroin. The need for drones to perform prison patrols is growing, and Securus is one of the most capable companies to enhance the effectiveness of related technologies.


Existing Detection Methods

Various drone detection mechanisms exist. Most of them have their limitations. In fact, someone managed to fly a drone in a restricted zone around the White House in 2015 undetected. Had the secret agents not seen the pilot, I believe it is highly unlikely they would have detected the drone.

Some of the current methods are video detection, audio detection, radar detection, thermal detection, and radio frequency detection. It is important to note that the White House uses radar detection, but it did not detect that drone.

Radar detection has difficulties picking small drones because that is not what the technology was designed to do. Here is a little information on radar detection and radio frequency detection:


Radar Detection

Radar detection is the traditional method used to detect flying vehicles. Typically, radar detection was designed to pick aircraft. With some modification, though, it can detect small drones.

However, the modified version can also detect birds and would issue an alert every other time a bird flew near the place. Fortunately, Securus Technologies is doing trials. Hopefully, we will soon have highly sophisticated drone detection technology that misses nothing.


Radio Frequency Detection

Radio frequency detection is quite effective as a drone detection method. The great thing about this method is that it does more than merely detecting a nearby drone. It can provide information about the drone’s coordinates, altitude, and the location of the pilot.

Such data can serve as evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a specific drone performed a particular activity, leading to successful criminal prosecution.

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