Clayton Hutson’s Busy Summer

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Kid Rock will be beginning a second tour for 2018 starting in August and ending in November. His first tour, “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” was a success and had no hiccups, unlike some of his previous tours. Kid Rock is known to be outspoken and daring with some of his comments. However, the first tour of the year, Clayton Hutson, was his stage manager and has been given the recognition for its lack of issues. Hutson has been asked to come back for the second tour in 2018, except this time he will be the production manager. The second tour is named the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.”


Clayton Hutson, a resident of Nashville, is a project manager and a sound engineer. He says the first tour went smoothly because of his experience with similar situations working as a production and stage manager. He dealt with every situation as it came and handled it with confidence. He believes the second tour will run just as effortless because of the crew that he will be working with. Even though the second tour has been sold out in many venues and it offers a variety of pyrotechnics, they are still confident that they can keep any issues to a minimum.


Being promoted to production manager for Kid Rock’s second tour means that Clayton Hutson will have a lot more work to do. Instead of just managing the stage, he will need to take care of the entire show. He will need to make sure he has a game plan for any issues that may arise well in advance of them actually happening.


Hutson is not new to the music business. He will be finishing up the Soul2Soul tour with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill before going back on tour with Kid Rock. He has also worked for Billy Graham’s traveling sound team. Although Hutson is a current Nashville resident, he is originally from the Midwest. He received his bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan. In fact, Hutson has been involved in music since he was young and with his perfect and consistent work, he will likely remain in the music scene for as long as he wishes to be there.

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