Bruno Fagali – A Brazilian Attorney With Ethical Values

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Bruno Fagali is an experienced attorney who resides and practice law in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has an extensive background in Law, Ethics, Administrative Law, Compliance, Regulatory and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali attended the Faculty of Law where he received a Masters degree. As an attorney, you could say he is rising to the level of his profession as a Brazilian attorney. He is highly intelligent, takes pride in his profession as an attorney, and he brings with him to the legal system a new dimension.

The legal system in Brazil has witnessed Bruno Fagali’s unique perspective when it comes to the practice of law, in the legal field. He goes above and beyond the calling of what an attorney should do. He is highly respected by his associates. With his many years of experience, he has crafted a name for himself and has an excellent reputation within the legal field. Bruno Fagali is an expert in his knowledge of Administrative Law. During his many years of practicing law, he was involved with many different law firms. Bruno Fagalis worked with the Electoral law on public issues and also with the Anti-corruption cases.

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Bruno Fagali is the owner of his law firm which he calls Fagali Law Firm. His law firm is located in Sao Paulo. His law firm was created to help his clients who he is dedicated to serving. The team he works with is very capable, well trained in the knowledge of the law, dedicated and very professional. Mr. Fagali’s law firm with his team of professionals stands behind their vow to their clients, to provide dedicated services to them. With his standard of using ethical means or ways to serve his clients, he also offers personalized and responsible services. Fagali advocacy uses their years of experience to help clients who are considered different to be treated with respect.

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics has benefited from Bruno Fagali undeniable influence within its realms. As a member of Congress, he attended seminars relating to the Brazilian health and law acquisition. Mr. Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB.

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