Bruce Levenson’s Initiative that Facilitates Varsity Education

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Bruce Levenson recently sold the Atlanta Hawks and got a lot of money, almost 1 billion dollars, and that was over 27% of the expected bid. Goldman and Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were the ones that were hired to bid out the Atlanta Hawks. With the price that was agreed, he made a huge profit though some valuers say that they overpriced the team.

Do Good Institute.

This initiative by Bruce Levenson aims at reaching students in colleges who are pursuing undergraduate degrees at the University of Maryland. This will result in them going out to the professional world with a real perception that certainly will increase their will to volunteer and give back. They will not be profit oriented, but they will have a human heart of helping.

Bruce and his wife Karen believe that they are going to sustain this initiative because of the business skills they have, unlike others that had good vision but ran bankrupt after a while. In a report by PR News, they have pumped in 75 million dollars in the initiative and boosted by the state of Maryland who gave 20 million dollars too. The students were given 10,000 dollars to via Philanthropy 101 so that they could undertake the course that they want.

The mission of this initiative is to change campus in such a way that graduates are informed, and ready to give back and to train the guys coming out of varsities to be non-profit in their endeavors in life.

Since 2010, they have been making progress and enabling students to be major in the field that they want to concentrate in. Bruce Levenson will create a new stock of millennials that will not put themselves first (selfless), but as they are moving on, they will value humanity and have others in mind. his charitable works have improved the lives of many people in Maryland.

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