Brian Bonar’s Path to Success

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If you have ever read any articles about Brian Bonar, you can’t help but notice the many adjectives that describe his business acumen. He has been described as a finance wizard, guru, and even an aficionado; Brian is a veteran in the business world, and currently, serves as chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept.

His educational background goes back to the 1960’s; his studies were focused on mechanical engineering. Brian attended James Watt Technical College and Stafford University and ultimately received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. He then went on to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, an MBA from Staffordshire University and lastly, a doctorate from Staffordshire University.

Bonar started his career in the 1980’s with IBM (International Business Machines), where he was a procurement manager responsible for outsourcing motherboards; he then broadened his horizon by working for several diverse businesses. Bonar has held high-level positions with companies such as Rastek Corporation, ITEC Image Technologies, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and a host of others. Bonar has used these employment opportunities, in conjunction with his educational background, to move up the proverbial corporate ladder.

For example, during his tenure with Rastek Corporation, he served as vice president of sales and marketing and focused on global printing technology sales. He worked in a similar capacity at ITEC Image Technologies, establishing business relationships with printer firms in South Korea and Japan. All of Brian Bonar’s career endeavors represent a stepping stone, with each step moving him further up the corporate ladder.

Brian Bonar’s career path is an allegory for what is possible when you’re committed to achieving success. After his time with IBM, Bonar became a director of engineering for QMS, where he was responsible for 100 engineers, focusing on hardware and software development.

In 1989 he left QMS and took on the role of Vice President of sales and marketing for Rastek Corporation focusing on print technology sales worldwide. After his stint with Raskek, Bonar took on the role of sales manager for Adaptec, which proved to be a relatively easy transition considering his previous role with Rastek, another print company.

Brian obviously had an affinity for the print industry; after his time with Rastek and Adaptec, he founded Bezier Systems, where he was instrumental in creating and marketing SCSI based printers. In 2008 Brian decided to charter new territory; he was hired as president of Allegiant Professional Business Services, where he improved both their sales and marketing.

After working in various industries, Brian decided to transition to a business consultant role; his proficiency in mergers and acquisitions, new business development, and finding venture capital makes this a seamless transition.

Bonar became chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services in 1999, and in 2011 he became chairman and CEO of Trucept; Dalrada Financial Services provide an array of management services, including human resource support, workers compensation, and employee benefits. Trucept provides similar management services, but also provide healthcare staffing. Bonar has an affinity for business and a desire for success; his achievements are a testament to what is possible if you’re willing to work hard.

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