Betsy DeVos as a Famous Reformist

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I find that there are several lessons to draw from Mrs. DeVos, who is an amazing woman with unmatched courage. While in campus she engaged with the student leadership, which was more of the political system there. The experience became a pathway through which she was to grow politically, as she has remained active ever since.

The former chairman of Windquest group also maintains an attractive academic track. She is a time-proven innovator, leader, advocate and disruptor. She is always seeking opportunities where she can pave way for potential success that could be deterred by barriers, particularly in the education, business or even the political arena.The courage and competence are the primary factors that enabled her to lead the enterprise that endeavored in a differentiated consumer portfolio.


Basics About Betsy’s Background

DeVos graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Arts. The focused Elizabeth got married to a like-minded Dick DeVos, a philanthropist and a remarkable entrepreneur with whom they have birthed four children, and also celebrate having five grandchildren so far. I also get inspired by the fact that she has been politically active for the last thirty five years. Throughout this period she has maintained integrity and good records. It must have been a steer for her selection in the highly influential position by Donald Trump.

Betsy’s Involvement in Community Work Through Philanthropy

Betsy has served diverse national as well as locally founded boards. Some of the foundations recognizing her for her benevolence include; the American Federation for Children, ArtPrize, American Enterprise Institute, DeVos Institute for Arts Management at Maryland University, Foundation for Excellence in Education just to mention but a few. Together with her husband, the DeVos’ are known for their innate nature to bankroll benevolent foundations. Basically, the couple seeks to push for reform through non-profit making initiatives, which clearly depicts their honesty in distributing their funds. Visit to know more about their foundation.

How the Whole Idea of Philanthropy Came About for the Couple

As Betsy explains, it started with them visiting the Potter’s House Christian School. They observed the so much love that was shared between the children and their parents. One thing they observed was that the parents did not only express love, but also did everything within their means to ensure that their children were in safety. One challenge though was that most of those parents did not find it easy paying school fees for their little ones. That was when they started sponsoring specific students. The commitment kept blossoming to what it has become now. Read more on Los Angeles Times.


It is amazing to note that Betsy DeVos is an iron woman who has made incredible milestones in her life and for the various initiatives she worked for. They are a couple worth emulating. As she continues refining her resume, Betsy is expected to scale her reputation even higher.

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