Ascendant Capital: LLC Moving Forward Under the Leadership of Jeffry Schneider.

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Jeffry Schneider is the founder and creator of Ascendant Capital, LLC. The firm is based in Colorado and is seen to offer advisory and investment service on the entire loan mortgage industry. As the founder of the company, his mission is to eventually become the trusted liaison who funds sponsors and any accredited financial intermediary who is looking to diversify risks and maximizing returns. With the firm’s diverse range of education, operational services, innovative approach to financing and marketing structure, it has been able to raise funds for both emerging and established asset fund sponsors. Jeffry and his company provide mortgage origination, loan sale, portfolio management and advisory services.

For him to achieve his primary goal, Schneider works with a network of broker-dealers, private banks, family officers and registered investments to assist in distributing private and public offerings all over the world. Mr. Schneider manages all his working colleagues who are professionals structuring, sourcing and supporting innovative investments offerings. Founded in 2011, Ascendant Capital has grown over the years. Currently, the firm operates in three prominent business units which include; Investments through Ascendant Capital Management, Advisory and loan sale services through Ascendant Capital, LLC and mortgage lending with the help of ascendant Mortgage Corporation.

All the company’s growth was achieved under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider who was always there to work with his team. Over the last five years, the firm has rapidly developed from having two employees to thirty employees. When employees increase in any business, it simply means the business is in need of a workforce as the duties required to be done numerous. With the help of the employees and Jeffry leadership, the company has raised more than a billion dollars in favor of various managers. The capital collected by the firm is used to purchase auto dealerships, tech companies, Real estate among other assets.

An element that has been noted to play a part in the firm’s success is the culture practiced by the company’s employees and leaders. The environment in which all transactions are done relies on dialogue and trust between the employees. The idea of transparency between the employees is seen to be extended externally something Jeffry Schneider pride himself. The company always aims to put their investors top of their priorities regardless of the firm’s alignment of interests. According to Mr. Schneider, alternative investment is the guaranteed way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings with consideration of how the market is currently.

With his education background, Mr. Schneider graduated from the University of Massachusetts, and his work experience he has been able to assure the investors of his leadership skills thus gaining their trust. Ascendant Capital, LLC is lucky to be under the Directorate of Jeffry Schneider as he has all the qualities a leader should have.


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