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Mexico is known to be the largest producer of oil in Latin America. The company opened its doors to serve the energy industry at a time when the economy of Brazil had started to see a boom. In the year 1979, the company started working for this industry providing their employees with food and lodging services. The company was interested in doing everything possible to ensure that this industry workers had access to quality food and accommodation services. It was only a few years later that the company started to offer transportation services. At the time, they would only transport the oil industry workers to and fro their work stations. While on board, they provided them with food and accommodation. The vessels Apollo and Gemini were bought for this job.





Over a decade down the line, the innovative Cotemar decided that they would bring on board vessels that would transport liquids separately. Since then, the company has never looked back. They have since acquired vessels that deal in the transportation of cargo only, liquid and employees and submerged vessels that can be tuned to offer whatever services their clients want. Today, the company boast of a fleet of over 30 vessels. These vessels are capable of carrying up to 450 people. They contain 2 and 4 person cabins. The cabins are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. They also have common areas with TV and other relaxation amenities. Travelling on these vessels is a lifetime experience that various employees get to enjoy every day.





Integrity is one value that is highly regarded by this company. They train their employees to be at their best while at work. They expect them to deliver nothing short of excellence. They have established sustainability standards so that they operate without creating adverse effects on the environment. This has led the company to being known as an industrial leader.





Talk to the employees who work for Cotemar and they all agree on one thing, their jobs are satisfactory. They are exposed to world-class standards when it comes to the working environment. They are comfortable working for the company knowing that all policies are put in place with their best interest at heart. You will find employees in various departments including construction, engineering, laundry, and catering.

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