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José Auriemo Neto who is the chief executive officer at JHSF and also the chairman believes in a three in one concept way of life. He is a Brazilian who brought the three in one concept which means work, live and shop at the same place. This is among his many innovative acts that are, while at 32 years he is regarded among daring incorporators in the country.

He has created a garden city which is among success brought in the country and has only been seen in other several countries. It is the first multifunctioning venture which is a name referred to real estate markets. It was inaugurated in Tokyo five years ago. The name given is Roppongi Hills which gathers offices, apartments, hotels, shops, museum and even restaurants in same place address. This idea came from Minoru Mori, who is a Japanese real estate billionaire and his builder takes on his last name. The concept was able to spread all over the world rapidly where it reached in the US, one of most expensive location addresses referred as the Central Park that is in New York and to know more

The success of the concept will be a replica from other countries. The success will be attribution of José Auriemo Neto Market vision. This is because José Auriemo Neto usually flew searching good opportunities using a helicopter from Sao Paulo. So it is by short time that the president of JHSF developer will have to move to an impromptu room that will be located in Cidade Jardim which is a shopping mall. It will be removed from the luxurious Platinum building located in Amauri street that is in Itam.

José Auriemo Neto being a concerned family man has been married for 5 years to wife, Mariana. She is the companies administrator although she no longer exercises the profession. They are now eagerly waiting for a third child in the family. They shall move to a comfortable apartment in Jardim America which is 770 M2 in Tuias building. It is among other buildings that are being built on the mall

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