Sightsavers: Preventing Vision Loss, Restoring Vision, & Improving the Lives of the Disabled

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Sightsavers is an international charitable organization based in the United Kingdom which focuses on the protection and restoration of eyesight, as well as the continued fight for rights of the disabled on a global scale. The vision of their organization is a world where the visually impaired can fully participate on an equal level in society and where no one suffers the loss of sight from avoidable causes.


A fantastic opportunity for Sightsavers UK has become available due to increased funding being allocated toward addressing the issue of including those with a disability in developing countries. Staunch defenders of rights for the disabled, Sightsavers will be initiating an aid program consisting of 13 million pounds or approximately 17 million U.S. dollars toward a development program to support those with disabilities in finding employment.

The news of this new development was recently announced at the Department for International Development’s Global Disability Summit. Initial areas of the world where six-year program this will be implemented include Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. It is expected to assist 45,000 individuals with increasing their current income while enabling 10,000 children with disabilities to receive schooling and simultaneously assist 100,000 people with disabilities to gain access to medical services otherwise unavailable to them. The new funding provides the ability to help break down the barriers that individuals with disabilities have faced in obtaining quality health care, a valuable education, and employment. Rolling out this program will serve as an example and a useful way to hone the implementation of this type of services as Sightsavers tests and develops new approaches along the course of the program.


A recent YouTube video highlights the work being done in Malawi to help restore sight to those who have gone blind from double cataracts. This area has one of the highest percentages of blindness due to cataracts in the world, yet with a simple surgery, these individuals can often see again. Without the ability to see, many of these individuals are unable to work and provide for their families in an area where the contributions of every family member are vital to financial survival. The surgeon on the video discusses the tremendous reward it is to be able to give someone back the gift of sight.

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Clayton Hutson’s Busy Summer

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Kid Rock will be beginning a second tour for 2018 starting in August and ending in November. His first tour, “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” was a success and had no hiccups, unlike some of his previous tours. Kid Rock is known to be outspoken and daring with some of his comments. However, the first tour of the year, Clayton Hutson, was his stage manager and has been given the recognition for its lack of issues. Hutson has been asked to come back for the second tour in 2018, except this time he will be the production manager. The second tour is named the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.”


Clayton Hutson, a resident of Nashville, is a project manager and a sound engineer. He says the first tour went smoothly because of his experience with similar situations working as a production and stage manager. He dealt with every situation as it came and handled it with confidence. He believes the second tour will run just as effortless because of the crew that he will be working with. Even though the second tour has been sold out in many venues and it offers a variety of pyrotechnics, they are still confident that they can keep any issues to a minimum.


Being promoted to production manager for Kid Rock’s second tour means that Clayton Hutson will have a lot more work to do. Instead of just managing the stage, he will need to take care of the entire show. He will need to make sure he has a game plan for any issues that may arise well in advance of them actually happening.


Hutson is not new to the music business. He will be finishing up the Soul2Soul tour with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill before going back on tour with Kid Rock. He has also worked for Billy Graham’s traveling sound team. Although Hutson is a current Nashville resident, he is originally from the Midwest. He received his bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan. In fact, Hutson has been involved in music since he was young and with his perfect and consistent work, he will likely remain in the music scene for as long as he wishes to be there.

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Ryan Seacrest Gets a Lot of Things Accomplished

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Ryan Seacrest has become someone that has broken a lot of boundaries when it comes to hosts that have multiple jobs. He is the type of host that has managed to secure a lot of different positions because he has a strong work ethic. He is easily one of the most popular hosts because he has been able to manage his time between New York and Los Angeles very well.

The New York Times has recently unveiled a look into the life of Ryan Seacrest, and his schedule is one that would make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed. For Seacrest, however, it is totally natural to have a show in one area with a home in another area. He has the ability to move from the east coast to West Coast with agility and a high level of alertness. Seacrest has, however, admitted that he is easily distracted by his phone, but he knows when he has to take care of business.

TMZ mentioned that Ryan also believes that saying yes to whatever they are asking. He believes that this is usually the quickest way to get things accomplished. It does not matter if it is by email or by phone. Ryan believes that a quick yes will definitely get you to your next destination regardless of what you may be working on. He handles a lot of things in his career, and it only makes sense for him to look for the most efficient way to get things done.

Ryan Seacrest is the host of “American Idol”, and he also is the host of “Live” with Kelly Ripa. He has a long list of jobs and talents that even extend to producing shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” This is a person that knows the power of staying relevant in the entertainment industry.

According to, Seacrest has managed to engage in a lot of different entertainment venues because he is always looking to the next step in his career. This is what he has revealed in interviews. Seacrest believes that it is always vital to create something that can catapult you to the next phase of your career. Ryan is also busy with his own foundation and fashion line called Distinction.

Here’s a video on Ryan’s latest radio show:

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Hussain Sajwani Donates 2 Million AED In Support Of Needy Children, Builds Trump International Course Dubai

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It is not a coincidence that Hussain Sajwani can build a magnificent structure in Dubai and goes ahead to name it Trump International Course. This is an indication of how close the two guys are. Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC Properties is not new to Trump or their friendship did not start the other day. The two business moguls have known each other for a long time. That explains why Trump invited Hussain Sajwani’s family to a private dinner party that was held at Mar-a-Lago shortly after Trump was elected president.

During the speech at that dinner party, which coincidentally matched with the New Year’s Eve, Trump meticulously referred to the Sajwanis as ‘the most beautiful family’ from Dubai. On his part, DAMAC Properties owner said that the two families have been close to each other for many years. “We have been to Florida many times and the Trumps have visited us in Dubai on several occasions. His wife Ivanka and my wife talk every day. They send each other emails and we are close to each other,” Hussain said.

For those who know how close the two families have been in the past, they will not be surprised when they learn that DAMAC Properties under the stewardship of Hussain Sajwani has built a house in honor of his friend Trump. In fact, they will not be surprised if Trump did the same for Hussain Sajwani.

Donates To The Needy

In an article published at Forbes Middles East, Hussain Sajwani is not only a wealthy Dubai tycoon but also a giver of the society. Through his DEMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani recently gave a donation of 2 million AED. The money was given to support an initiative that was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to buy clothing for a million needy children. If you want to know more about the history of Sajwani and DAMAC, you should read this article from

According to CNBC, when giving his contribution on behalf of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani said that children are the future of society. They should be provided for if people really thought of them as such. At DAMAC Properties, several other family members help run the company. They include Mohammed Tahaineh, the Senior Vice President, Commercial, M. P. John who is the Senior Vice President-Human Resources & Talent Acquisition, and Wael Al Lawati, the Senior Vice President of International Development.

You should see this video:

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Jim Toner: An Unwhitting Education

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At an age where working hard, was hardly working, Jim Toner discovered that being different was simply a frame of mind. With this firmly impressed in his mind, what was once fantastic now entered the realm of possibility.

At once it was easy for him to understand why he did not fit the mold of those around him. He stopped trying be one of the crowd and decided to try working for himself for a change. After all, working for someone else was not exactly panning out. Trying to find what he could not only due but do well became more than a hobby. A key had turned. The veil was lifted, and there was no turning back.

To obtain the fantastic one must look for opportunities of learning. He began reading more and watching infomercials in the hopes of finding “the something” that was just right for him. What he found was real estate. Real estate investing became a passion.

However, it was not long before Jim Toner discovered that having knowledge and using it were two very different things. There was a an essential element missing; and needed it to be the bridge between his knowledge and success.

This bridge came in the form of another real estate investor; whom after a shaky start took him under his wing. While Jim realized that his knowledge was superior, his mentor brought other benefits to the table. Practical application.

With this burgeoning knowledge in hand he decided it was time to strike out on his own. While his first real estate deal was not the success it could have been, it still yielded a valuable nugget of knowledge.

Chiefly, that foreclosure homes were a different beast altogether, and that having investors was a double edges sword. Still the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit were firmly planted and taking root. If you want to know more on how to achieve financial freedom, read more.

From such a small start Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) turned his mistakes into his fortune. Refusing to give up and by continuing to increase his knowledge; he is now considered a powerhouse in real estate investing.


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Earning Profits From Freedom Checks

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Back in the 1970’s, President Nixon signed into law the fact that oil and gas producing companies who got their profits from drilling within the United States would be allowed to do so without a tax burden on them. The companies would be able to gain profit from selling the resources within the United States without having to pay taxes on it. Mark Badiali began his Freedom Checks company in order to show people how to invest in these companies and gain profit without taxes. Freedom Checks was founded in 2016 and currently has over fifty employees working for them.

Mark believes that anyone can invest their money into these companies and earn a profit regardless of their financial standing. Freedom Checks are dividends that are paid by the big oil and gas companies to their shareholders. The checks are sent to investors yearly and many have seen great profits from their initial investment. In order for the corporations to qualify for the tax relief, they must pay back to their investors 90 cents on every dollar that is earned. Depending on the number of other investors and the amount of shares you hold, your earnings could be quite substantial. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom Checks is currently developing additional tax free options for people to invest in. Real Estate development is just one of them. Mark has shown that real estate investment is another area where tax free gains can be made. When a company builds or rebuilds areas that are underdeveloped, they can make profits when the pieces are sold and there are a number of federal programs that allow investors to put their money into these companies and gain a profit without having to pay any federal taxes on it.

Many people have taken the chance on investing their savings into Freedom Checks and the company has grown substantially in the few years that it has been operating. Mark has been touring the country and teaching potential investors about the program and how it can make them live comfortably. The return on the investment has been shown to be quite high. Read more:


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Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Are Creating Some Amazing Things

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Hussain Sajwani is a name that’s becoming more well known by the day. He’s the chairman of DAMAC properties. The DAMAC itself is known to many for the luxurious properties that come under that general banner. And as founder, Hussain Sajwani is equally well known for his ability to create amazing properties. In particular they’re well known in the Middle East. And Dubai in particular features some of their amazing works.

But Hussain Sajwani’s name and the works of the DAMAC are spreading well past the luxury of Dubai. Both company and founder hold fast to a general rule. They maintain that the future of society comes down to the children who will build it. And Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC certainly know a lot about how things are built.

They’re taking that general idea and putting it into more practical terms. They’re not just considering the youth of the future in an abstract sense. Instead, they’re looking at the world and considering how to best foster young talent. And this idea has become one of the most well known of their philanthropic efforts.

Most people are well aware that Dubai is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. But what’s less well known is how aware their government is of that fact. They’re not content to simply sit as a jewel within the world’s crown. Instead they’re actively looking for ways to help foster higher standards of living all over the world.

And this is where their positive intent and that of Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) and the DAMAC cross paths. All three have a vested interest in making the world a better place. And they’ve been able to provide over two million to a charity clothing the needy children of the world.

It’s an impressive effort to be sure. But one of the most important aspects of this charity is how it works with all parties ideals. The company itself has created over 19,136 units of storage. This has created not just areas to live, but also jobs. And investing some of the earnings in the world’s children makes it an even stronger philanthropic gesture.

Checkout this CNBC article with Sajwani:

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Life And Growth Of Businessman Hussain Sajwani, Damac Properties CEO

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Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire and renown business mogul from the United Arab Emirates. He has degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington. Sajwani started off his profession in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries as a contract manager in 1980, two years later he started his catering business where he had clients from UAE and worked for the Americans worldwide in places like Bosnia, the Gulf, Somalia and some big American companies like Bechtel. The catering section has since grown and now serves more than 150,000 meals daily in a range of cities in Africa and the Middle East. They also specialize in additional services like maintenance and manpower supply, and camp management.

Mr. Sajwani started one of the biggest property development companies in the Middle East in 2002(DAMAC properties) after he saw a future in property development. Over 19000 apartments have been developed under this company and have over 44000 units under development. The company got publicly-listed in the Dubai Financial market in 2015.

The DAMAC properties CEO has a good relationship with the US president and business partner Donald Trump. Although Trump said he cannot make any more business deals while serving in the office as the president, Mr. Sajwani is in good business terms with the Trump family including his daughter Ivanka and sons Trump Jr. and Eric. Their business relations and deals will go on. Sajwani’s DAMAC properties built the 18-hole golf course designed by Tiger Woods, the Trump International Course in Dubai. He also invested £ 600 million in London through the Versace-branded tower in Nine Elms.

Bloomberg noted that Mr. Sajwani is married and lives in Dubai with his wife and his 4 children. His firstborn son Ali Sajwani is a graduate from North Eastern University with an Economics degree; he’s also the operations general manager at DAMAC group.

According to, Despite him being a serious businessman, Mr. Sajwani is a philanthropist. In 2017, he sponsored the free software development training project for the young Arabs of Dubai launched by UAE Prime Minister and ruler. He donated one million Arab Codec. Mr. Sajwani also wrote a check worth AED 2million that will help the disadvantaged children around the world by providing them with clothing. This was enough to provide clothing for more than 50,000 disadvantaged children. You can watch his videos here.

Additional source:

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HCR Wealth Advisors on Protecting Investments Into Retirement

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HCR Wealth Advisors, created in 1988, was founded with the aim of providing investment and financial insight to its diversified customer base. It is a registered investment advisory firm that helps its clients with tips that equip them with tested and proven strategies to create, grow, and safeguard wealth. The firm focuses on helping investors and other business people to develop better financial futures. Its services have helped hundreds of clients who depend on the tips.

HCR Wealth Advisors has always been keen to help its clients to overcome business challenges. It also deals with other life challenges. Some of the life challenges that HCR Wealth Advisors can help clients address include divorce, selling a business enterprise, loss of a loved one, marriage, retirement, inheritance, and a sudden and significant influx of assets.

HCR Wealth Advisors works to ensure that it protects the clients’ information. Customers’ privacy is paramount. The company seeks to walk down the investment journey with the client for a long time helping them to notice and deal with market shifts and new investment approaches. Some of its customers have been receiving advice from the firm for over ten years.

Retirement is one of the life stages that HCR Wealth Advisors emphases. It is categorized under financial planning. Retirement is critically essential although focusing only on the financial ignores other impacts caused by emotional, intellectual, physical and psychological adjustments. Retirement analysis is crucial for the clients who choose to revitalize their financial zeal after retirement or in any way are in a partnership with a retiring person.

According to, retirement comes along with many changes in life. One stops taking up work duties, loses identity, disengages from daily socialization and regular schedule. Retirement brings one back to family and personal reality, choice of leisure time and activity, self-actualization and personal development, and health and aging outlook.

Retirement, in most cases, is voluntary and comes along with excitement. However, joy can turn out to become boredom, frustrations, depression, poor health and fatigue if not adequately planned. Many people spend over 15 years preparing for their financial future after retirement but fail to plan on the non-financial life aspects of their retirement life. HCR Wealth Advisors ensures that its clients do not retire from something but to something.

HCR Wealth Official Contact Info:

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes on Bradesco Leadership

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     Luiz Carlos Trabuco name is highly respected in the Brazilian corporate world. This businessman leads of the largest private banks that are found in the country, and this is why he has been in the headlines for some time now. Luiz appointment to the position of president in a bank known as Bradesco did not come by any chance. The businessman landed the prestigious opportunity because he deserved it. Apart from being highly experienced in finances and economy, the businessman had been working in Brazil for a very long time, and this had prepared him for the position of president in Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was very excited when he was given the top position in Bradesco. Like any other professional taking on a new challenge in his career, Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that he knew about the challenges ahead, but he was prepared and ready to take on them with courage. The businessman was also nervous about his new role, but he was ready for anything that came his way. Fortunately, the renowned finance executive had been working in other prominent companies in his career life, and this had prepared him for the tough challenge as the president of the leading bank.

Leadership, especially when a large company is involved comes with so many challenges. Luiz was appointed after the board of directors held a long meeting to discuss his achievements in the Brazilian market. The members of the board always take their time when appointing the top management of the bank, and this is the reason Bradesco has been shinning since it came into the market several years ago. The founders of the organization stated that the president of the company should be appointed after a research has been conducted. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not new in matters concerning leadership and he is expected to take the bank to better heights in the future.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been serving as the president of the prestigious bank for a while now. Although he is still new to the position, it is evident that he is the perfect candidate for the position. Carlos has been performing quite well, and he has made all of the people under his management very proud. Although he has dealt with various challenges as a newbie in the market, the businessman has made a lot of progress, and he is surely taking the bank to the right place.

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